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In this page you will find our most recomendable single-day programs, ordered by growing lenght and difficulty.  If you feel you would like something different, please contact us and let us provide you with information on other programs.

Peninsula Llao Llao Circuit

Walk the Llao Llao Municipal Park circuit immersed in an ancient forest and visit several interesting places including a unique Arrayan (luma apiculata) little forest, the lake Moreno and lake Nahuel Huapi. Then ascend to the summit of a hill to enjoy amazing views.  Packed-lunch in a scenic setting.

Difficulty(*): Easy-moderate (300 meters/ 900 feet of elevation gain, around 15 km/ 9 miles walk) some 4 hours of walking

Season: October to June

Duration: around 6 hours from the hotel, roundtrip
Start at 9:30 AM.  Return at around 4:30 PM
Transfer:  40 minutes one way.
Description: This easy and mostly flat hike links up three trails forming a loop that takes us to many beautiful places as the “Bosquecito de Arrayanes de Llao Llao”(see photo below) a unique little forest of Luma apiculata with its cinnamon color bark, the Lake Moreno and Lake Nahuel Huapi. 

After a pic-nic stile lunch in a gorgeous setting we go for some uphill. Our destination is the Cerro Llao Llao (Mount Llao Llao), definitely one of the most beautiful short hikes  in the entire region. Once again will be immersed in a beautiful forest but this time getting higher and visiting strategic panoramic points that will allow us to enjoy and take pictures of amazing panoramic views.

Note: this circuit involves walking for some 20 minutes total on car roads, to connect trails. 

Tips for clothing: Due to the changing weather, and to enjoy your hiking experience we recommend you bring the following items:

- A little backpack, to carry your water, food and jacket if necessary
- A windbreaker jacket and a fleece 
- Comfortable shoes, hiking shoes or trekking boots
- Sunglasses to protect your eyes 
- Sunscreen 

Cerro Lopez

Difficulty / level of fitness (*): to the hut is a steep demanding trail in the forest. Beyond the hut it´s steep rocky terrain, scrambling in several parts. 
To the mountain hut it´s around 5 hours of walking roundtrip, covering some 15 kilometers total, with an elevation gain of  800 meters / 2400 feet total. 
To the summit it´s around 8 hours of walking roundtrip, covering some 19 kilometers total, with an elevation gain of 1200 meters / 3600 feet total

Transfer:  40 minutes one way. 
Description:  this hike begins early from “Circuito Chico” and ascends to Mountain Hut Lopez via the regular trail. Depending on conditions , the hike continues upward to “Turista” peak, passing along the way the well known “Hoya del Lopez”. This ascent requires coordination skills navigating through loose and rocky terrain on a steep grade. The rewards are great, exhilarating views of “Monte Tronador” (11500 ft.), lake “Nahuel Huapi”, lake “Moreno”, the grandiose Hotel “Llao Llao”, and the impression of being able to touch the sky. A highly recommended experience. 
Note: due to the steep nature of this trail, a certain level of fitness and hiking experience is recommended. 
Private english spoken guiding service, packed lunch and water, and private transportation included.  Please check on the last program below what you should bring.

Mount Bella Vista

Difficulty / level of fitness (*): moderate / hard. Very steep and sustained trail into the forest.

Duration : full day. 5 to 6 hours of walking , covering some 14 kilometers (9 miles) total, with an elevation gain of  1000 meters / 3300 feet  total.  The entire outing takes around 7 hours from the hotel, roundtrip.
Transfer:  35 minutes one way.
Season: November to May

Description: this 1800 m (5900 ft.) mountain, located between “cerro Catedral” and lake “Moreno”, is aptly named for its beautiful views. Cerro Bella Vista has a peak of easy (technically easy) access which
combines a hike through mountain forest and a final section through a wide and colorful ridge. The steep nature of this hike requires a good level of fitness. An ascent of approximately 3 - 4 hours with a descent of 2 - 3 hours. 

Please check on the last program below what you should bring.

Refugio Frey by the ridge, the traverse of Mt. Catedral

Difficulty / level of fitness
(*): moderate / hard. Exposed steep rocky terrain in half of the hike.

Duration : full day. 6 to 7 hours of walking , covering some 19 kilometers (12 miles) total, with an elevation gain of  300 meters / 1000 feet (up) and an elevation loss of 1000 meters / 3000 feet (downhill)  total.  The entire outing takes around 10 hours from the hotel, roundtrip.
Transfer:  35 minutes one way.
Season: December to April

Description: begin with a morning ascent via cable car or chairlift from ski resort cerro Catedral” with a vertical gain of 1000m (3,300 ft.). Thereafter, a hike through mountain trails and ridges will reveal spectacular views of lake “Nahuel Huapi” and lake “Gutierrez”, mount “Tronador” and many other mountains and valleys of great splendor. 
Within three hours of hiking through rocky terrain and few uphill sections,  passing
along the way lake “Schmoll”, arrive at Mountain Hut Frey 1700m (5600 ft.) situated along the edges of lake “Toncek”. The surroundings of “Frey” are a rock climbers paradise, a magnificent scene rich in granite rock formations. The hike down to “Frey” requires coordination skills navigating through loose and rocky terrain.

In the afternoon, descend back down to “Villa Catedral” via the regular route. This three hour hike takes one through a “lenga” forest of indescribable beauty, passing along the way Mountain Hut “Piedritas” and “Van Titter” stream.
A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRAVERSE for people that´s not afraid of heights and  who are used to hike on rocky terrain.

Please bring (even in a sunny day in the middle of the summer):  

- Backpack  
- Hiking shoes or trekking boots 
- Waterproof jacket 
- Long pants 
- Fleece    
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Gloves   
- Toilet paper
- Hat (warm and sun hat)     

(*) "Difficulty / level of fitness" is supposed to reflect, at least in a comparative way the requirements that the trip presents to the trekker/mountaineer in terms of endurance, altitude gain, the distances to cover, backpack weight and the existence or not of technical climbing. Always having in mind that this parameters where thought for beginners.

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