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Hey Facundo! Kaytee and I are back in our world. Hope this finds you well. We really enjoyed our time with you and thanks for going out of your way to hook us up with the other folks. If you ever need a reference for someone considering your services, please send them my way. We hope you have a great year. Best

Alan Leveritt. Arkansas, USA.


Hi Facundo Many thanks for the photos. They are very good. I would also like to thank you for introducing us to Patagonia with such care, attention and professionalism. You are a credit to your family, Bariloche and the climbing fraternity. It was a pleasure to meet you. With many thanks

Stan Sille. Isle of Man


Hi Facundo!   It's been almost a year since you guided our family on our wonderful hike. I know it was a challenge to take a group of such various abilities together but your patience and expertise made it an unforgettable experience for all of us.  Your passion for the wonder of Patagonia was felt by all of us and we plan to come again.  Thank you so much my friend for giving us such a meaningful and beautiful day!

Nancy Lobdell MSW.  Indianapolis, USA


Facundo and Mauricio, thank you so much for a wonderful time in Bariloche. Mike and I both think that the three hikes we did with Mauricio were on the top of our list. Each one of them had a different "flavor" and we will always remember the great time we had.     

(...)   Daniel was such a wonderful person to show us the birds and we enjoyed the outing very much. It was such a different landscape from the previous days and we would have never known that such beautiful birds are so close to Bariloche. Please give him our best and good luck with his daughter starting first grade.

If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use our name.

(...)  OK, I got to get back now to paying bills and putting all the laundry away.

In friendship, Erika and Mike Reen.  Madison, USA

Facundo  -I wanted to thank you again for the work you did organising a guide for us. Angel was incredible! He is so smart, and pleasant - just a very good person to spend the day with. Our trip to Refugio Neumeyer was a trip highlight, especially with all the flowers in bloom. He also suggested that we go up to El Tronador, which we did, and it too was amazing. If not for him, we could not have had these experiences.Thank you again - and when you see Angel again, thank him for us.

 Jonathan and Joel Graham. Washington DC, USA


Dear Facundo, Such a wonderful few days in Bariloche and I was fortunate enough to have you as a guide (also Spanish teacher !!). Hasta la próxima,

Christy Brooks. San Francisco, USA.


Hi Charly! We had a fine trip home - just long. Thank you again for guiding us on the traverse - both you and Mercedes were so nice to us !

Sally Jandrall. Seattle, WA, USA


Facundo and Pere, We are back home now. I am in London, England and Rebecca is in Sydney, Australia. We enjoyed our time climbing with you in the Frey Mountain Range. Thank you. It seems like a long time ago, now I am back at work. At least I have a skiing trip to Chamonix planned in a couple of weeks. Happy New Year

Mick Upton. London, England.


Dear Facundo: Thank you SO much for the wonderful time you showed Paulette and me. The CD of our time together is wonderful!! You're a great photographer as well as guide. I'm eager to show the pictures to others. Our time on Peninsula Valdez was also great. We saw lots of Orcas and other interesting animals, and it was good to spend time with our other friends. It was a wonderful trip all the way around. Thanks again for your part in it. I look forward to returning to Patagonia, hopefully in a couple of years. Sincerely,

Aileen Baesemann. Minnesota, USA.

Facundo:  Nan and I are back in Colorado and just wanted to write to wish you a most Merry Christmas. We really did thoroughly enjoy our Cerro Catedral hike with you and have recommended it, and you of course, to some of our friends that may come to Bariloche next year.

Nan & Mike Johnson. Crested Butte, Colorado, USA


Facundo, Hey MAN!! I hope you are having a great time now that the Holidays are here. I just wanted you to know Jen and I had a great time and have mentioned your name to multiple people planning trips to Argentina and so maybe some of them will go to Bariloche. Tchao,

Chris Hancock. USA.


Facundo: Thanks for the message, and the trip. You did a great job taking care of all the details and making the trip most enjoyable and memorable. Best wishes for success in your business!

Robert Lerman. USA


Facundo, good to hear from you. our trip ended great. thanks again for all your help and a great trek in Patagonia. you're the best

Matthew Spencer. New York, USA

Hi Facundo. I hope you remember me.  I am finally back home after a fantastic holiday. I attached a couple of photos which we took when we went trekking with you. It was great meeting you and talking to you, and I loved that place you took us to where we saw those beautiful views. I will never forget that day.  Let me know if you ever plan a trip Europe, maybe I can be your guide : )

Claudine Zammit, London, UK


Dear Facundo, 

Thanks again for the great birding day that you organized for me yesterday.

Olivier Langrand. (He has written the authoritative field guide to the birds of Madagascar, the Comoros, the Mascarenes and the Seychelles Islands.)

Hi Facundo,

Just a short email from Vicki and I to thank you for a great walk on Thursday and  your advice about what to do yesterday.  We caught the bus - first one failed to stop but I got more aggressive the next time! - and followed the routes you suggested.  Also the Kandahar restaurant was very good.  So thanks for all your help and we look forward to catching up again when next one of us comes through Patagonia (or you get to Australia and/or New Zealand). Meanwhile go safe and happy climbing. Best wishes,

John & Vicki, Australia and New Zealand


Hello Facundo,
Just wanted to send a quick thanks for making our 1/2 day hike in Bariloche so much fun. Lisa and I had an excellent time and thought you were an outstanding guide -- we felt lucky to have someone so friendly and knowledgeable showing us around.
We got a chance to see some of your photography and it was awesome!
thanks again!

Clay & Lisa, USA


Dear Facundo,
Thank you so much for the amazing photos. They are realy beautiful. We were
lucky to have you as our guide, we learn a lot and enjoy talking to you. We hope
to have another chance to meet. If you come to Israel one day do not forget to
call us.
Best Regards,

Ilana and Shabtai,


Facundo!!!  Thank you for the photos! (…)  again, we cannot thank you enough for the experience you gave us!   besos

Jill Blumenthal, NY, USA

Find us in Trip Advisor  as   Trek Patagonia Day Tours

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